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  1. The Family Handyman Best Tips & Projects 2018 (Undated Version)

    The Family Handyman Best Tips & Projects 2018 (Undated Version)

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $22.99

    Get a year's worth of fixes, upgrades, tips and more in one big book, The Family Handyman Best Tips & Projects 2018!

    This ultimate homeowner's "survival guide" is packed with hundreds of complete DIY projects, upgrades and techniques that will help you solve common household problems, speed up your repairs or make your dream home a reality...on a budget!

    • 60+ Complete Projects Both Large and Small. Find easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, how-to photos and detailed illustrations that will help you complete value-boosting upgrades to your home—we promise you CAN do it!
    • 650+ Time-and Money-Saving Tips. Work smarter—not harder with the BEST tricks of the trade from the pros and experienced do-it-yourselfers!
    • 50+ Surefire Repair Guides. Be the "fix it" hero in your own home with common fixes for plumbing, furniture, electrical, appliances and more!
    • Bonus Sections. Loaded with practical, no-nonsense advice for storage & organization, painting like a pro, tool usage and more!
    • 288 pages filled with full-color inspiration and "you-can-do-it" confidence.
    • 8-1/8" x 10-7/8" book-hardbound and made to last a lifetime.
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  2. Sugar Savvy

    Sugar Savvy

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price: $10.00

    A fun and empowering 6-week program to getting your weight down and energy up by getting sugar savvy and resetting your taste buds and your attitude, from the founder of Energy Up!, High Voltage.

    Learn More

  3. Reader's Digest Homemade

    Reader's Digest Homemade

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Special Price: $15.99

    Here are low-cost, all-natural replacement recipes for more than 700 name-brand products that you buy week in and week out at the supermarket, pharmacy, or discount store. Save a fortune making your own everyday cooking, cleaning, and toiletry products! At the same time, you’ll fill your cabinets with fresh, super high-quality products that work or taste great—without all the chemicals and preservatives of store-bought versions. Plus, ‘think green”—you will greatly reduce the amount of useless, environment-damaging waste and garbage—spray bottles, jars, and cans. For cleaning, laundering, and polishing, the compounds are much gentler and less damaging to drains, sewage, and septic systems.

    The ingredients in most brand-name products account for only pennies of the purchaser’s dollar and rest of what you spend covers advertising, packaging, shipping, and the retailer’s overhead.

    Try these easy to make recipes:

    • Food Staples: mayonnaise, peanut butter, breakfast cereals, soft drinks, pasta sauce, pickles, and jellies—save 50% on homemade salsa
    • Beauty and Health Supplies: moisturizers, facials, lip balm, aftershave, decongestant, foot powder, and PMS tea—save 90% on aftershave
    • Household Compounds: glues, wood stains, ant traps, and houseplant food
    • Cleaning Supplies and Polishes: carpet fresheners, cleaners, mildew remover, dishwasher detergent, and fabric softener—save 95% on homemade bathroom cleaner
    • Pet Supplies: liver snaps, dog shampoo, flea dip, cat litter, pet bird honey treats, and hamster fruit cup—save 73% on cat treats
    • Garden Products: fertilizer, soil conditioners, weed killer, deer repellents, and snail traps
    • And much more

    Making low-cost, more natural versions of your favorite name brand grocery items is simple when you know the secrets. 


    is your guide to saving a small fortune by making everyday household items yourself.

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  4. Reminisce: Life on the Farm

    Reminisce: Life on the Farm

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $19.99

    Recollect with readers who lived in the country or on a farm, or just kept it with them in their hearts with Reminisce: Life on the Farm!

    Life on the Farm is a tribute to those who make a life on the land and live the country lifestyle. Pulled from the archives of Reminisce, Country, Country Woman and Farm & Ranch Living magazines, this collection of 300+ photos, stories & vintage ads is sure to warm hearts and get you talking about the good old days with family and friends. Plus, enjoy a special "scrapbook" section full of farming photo memories. You'll certainly want to pass this book down for generations to come!

    In this exciting new book you'll find...
    • - 200+ BRILLIANT PAGES of vintage black-and-white photos, colorful snapshots, plus personal stories—all shared by Reminisce readers!
    • - DELIGHTFUL TALES of hardworking farm families making a life off the land, plus inspiring recollections of lessons learned, country kids, reliable tractors, holidays on the farm and more!
    • - SPECIAL SCRAPBOOK CHAPTER filled with candid reader-shared photos of heartwarming moments on the farm!
      - 10 MEMORY-FILLED CHAPTERS including “Family Values & Traditions,” “Farmhouse Fun” and “Farm-Raised Kids!”
    • - 8-3/8" x 10-7/8" hardcover book printed on glossy paper.
    Learn More
  5. My Daily Devotional 2018: 365 Messages of Faith, Hope and Love

    My Daily Devotional 2018: 365 Messages of Faith, Hope and Love

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $12.99

    BEGIN YOUR DAY with a reading from the all-new My Daily Devotional 2018! Inside, you’ll find a full year’s worth of meaningful phrases offering serenity and spiritual guidance—365 days of inspiration! Plus, you’ll delight in weekly gratitude journals that allow plenty of room to record your personal reflections for the week and your aspirations for the week to come!
    • - 365 daily messages of faith, hope and love that will brighten your spirit and lift your heart! Gratitude journals encourage you to reflect on the blessings you experience every week.
    • - Enlightening author quotes and Bible verses that will bring inner peace throughout your day.
    • - 6” x 6” hardcover book with convenient ribbon place-marker.
    • - 224 glossy pages for easy writing and reading.
    Learn More
  6. Mind Stretchers Vol. 1

    Mind Stretchers Vol. 1

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $10.99

    ACTIVATE your thinking muscles. It’s too easy just to turn on the TV and let the images of the day wash over us, leaving brain cells unchallenged and a bit sad. Keep your brain happy with this mind stretching collection of puzzles. Crosswords, word searches, trivia, logic and numerical games—these teasers are all designed to inspire and stimulate the mind. So turn off the dreaded box and turn to Mind Stretchers—you’ll be entertained, learn new things, wake up your brain and it’s definitely more fun than watching the news. Learn More
  7. Taste of Home Healthy Cooking Annual Recipes 2017 (Undated Version)

    Taste of Home Healthy Cooking Annual Recipes 2017 (Undated Version)

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $21.99

    Introducing Taste of Home Healthy Cooking Annual Recipes 2017. This all–new edition is your source for hearty, family approved recipes that are delicious, yet nutritious, and guaranteed easy by Test Kitchen experts. In this brand-new cookbooks, you’ll get: • 365+ recipes & tips—good–for–you main dishes, quick 30–minute entrees, lightened–up desserts and more! • 93 BONUS never-before-published recipes. • 256-page hardcover edition with easy-to-read type. • At-a-glance icons for special dietary needs. • Prep & Cook times for every dish, plus Nutrition Facts. • Easy-to-use triple index for fast lookup. Learn More
  8. EZ Read Cooking For Two

    EZ Read Cooking For Two

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $17.99

    Whether you’re an empty nester, a newlywed, or simply a cook for a small household, Taste of Home Cooking for Two helps you serve 111 delicious meals in just the right quantities. From snacks and appetizers to soups and entrees, the ideal dish is at your fingertips with this must-have cookbook. You'll even whip up desserts perfect for a two-person table. Best of all, it’s designed to help simplify meal prep with: • Large-print for easy reading • Convenient layout for quick prep • Clearly listed ingredients • Easy-to-follow instructions • Helpful tips & handy icons • Full-page photo with each recipe Learn More
  9. A Year in the Country 2017

    A Year in the Country 2017

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $12.99

    Whether you live in or long for the country, now you can savor it’s simple pleasures with A Year in the Country 2017! This heartwarming book is packed with first-hand, reader-shared stories and gorgeous photos that pull you in to "the good life." Show your country spirit with fun, homey crafts and welcome home friends and family with the enticing aroma of delicious down-home recipes. Plus, it's divided into sections for spring, summer, fall and winter—so you can experience the seasons country-style! In this brand-new book, you’ll enjoy: • 300+ seasonal photos of the landscapes, farms, people and animals that make the country memorable. • Uplifting, reader-shared stories celebrating the best of down-home living. • Family-favorite recipes showcasing the flavors of the four seasons. • No-fuss crafts sure to put a smile on your face. • 192-page hardcover edition with big, easy-to-read type. Learn More
  10. Brain Power Cookbook

    Brain Power Cookbook

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $12.99

    A mouthwatering guide to incorporating the most brain-friendly foods into your everyday life.< Learn More

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